Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Fox is Framed

A New Year and I am finally back.

It has taken me awhile but my Fox from the Katie Dawson Stitch Along has finally been framed.

I am quite delighted how she looks framed .  One of my lovely quilting friends said she needed a name so I have decided on Vixen.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Foxie Stitch Along Colorway 9

Putting the finishing touches to the Foxie sititch along.

All that was needed was to do Foxie's eyes, ears and nose.  I used the Statice colour for this little job.
It is a combination of mauve through to brown tonings.

Satin Stitch for the nose and eye. A small amount of backstitch on the ears and the rest is stem Stitch. Oh and don't forget a few French knots under the eye.

I intend to frame my Fox.  You could make him into a cushion or make him the centrepiece of a quilt.

Don't forget to pop on over to Katie Dawson's blog to see the brilliant colours that she used for hers.
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this Stitch along and hope you have too.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Foxie Stitch Along Colourway 8

The end of our Foxie Journey is in sight!

After this colour is done, we only have the foxes nose, eyes and ears to do.

The colour I have chosen for No. 8 is Damask Rose.

There are only three leaves to be done.  Pictures to follow.  Most of the leaves are done in Stem Stitch.  Remember that us lefties work from Right to Left.  There is a small amount of simple straight Stitch and a tiny amount of Satin Stitch.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Foxie Stitch Along Colorway 7

I have used the thread colour Honesty from my Cottage Garden Thread collection. This is the cream variegated colour.

Katie Dawson has done hers in a most gorgeous bright colour, so dont forget to pop back to her blog and take a look.   I have given a link in my very first post in this series.

The Stitch used is the simple backstitch.

Photos of the leaves to colourfill are as follows

Enjoy your stitching. Only one more until a Mr Fox is completed.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Foxie Stitch Along Colorway 6

Finally on to colorway 6.   For this one I have chosen Pistacchio from my Cottage Garden Threads.

There are only three places that this colour is used.

 This first spot is done completely in Chain Stitch.  It is the Pistacchio shade that contains green through to purple variegated colours.   I apologise for the discoloured look to the background fabric but the lighting here is appalling today and had to take them with the spot lights on.

The next part is the foxes chest outline in encroaching stitch, stem stitch and a few french knots.

The last spot is the leaf just down from under the foxes snout.  This one is done in a chain stitch outline and the inner leaf veins in stem stitch.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colourway 5 Foxie Stitch Along

Hooray,   we are finally on to Colorway 5 in the foxie stitchalong with Katie Dawson.   You can find a link to her site in the very first stitchalong a few posts back.

For this one, I have chosen the Cottage Garden Thread called Dog Rose.   

There are three places to add this Colorway.   This one is done in stem stitch only.

This next spot is done in Chain Stitch with a few french knots and some satin stitch in the middle of the leaves.

The last leaf is completely done in chain stitch.  If you skim down the side of my blog and click open the months by using the little arrows, you will find that the stitches are there in a drop down menu.    Since my stitches are done in alphabetical order, I advise you to open a few of the earliest months started on my blog.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Color Way 4 Foxie Stitch Along

I have chosen the colour Sweet Pea from my stash of Cottage Garden Threads.

The leaves under the foxes' snout are done in Stem Stitch - outlines and spine only. Then some backstitches are added to fill them in.
French knots are done this time by looping the thread three times around the needle so as to create a slightly bigger French Knot.
The very tiny leaves in three places around the larger leaves, I did in only a single thread so that they wouldnt look too bulky.

The other two parts to be added in this colour are the leaves on his foreleg and the stem of leaves to the left of the green leaves. The stitches used are a mix of Stem Stitch and Backstitch.