Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hand Crocheted Beanie

I have just added another one of my items to handmade.  This time it is a gorgeous crocheted pre teen beanie.

Hand Crocheted Beanie

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spider Web Stitch

This stitch has quite a few variations, some of them probably a little too intricate for me at the moment.   If you use google images or pinterest you can find many different beautiful photos.

I am just going to demonstrate, what seemed to me to be, the easiest.

I drew up a little circle with points where your stitches will be placed and numbers for you to follow.  

You then follow the stitch guide from A to H making your base for your spider web.

Next you start threading your way in a clockwise motion, over and under your work.   After every two to three threads, you come back over the last thread and around it to catch it in place.   I found this a little challenging as to which thread to catch it to, so that it looked and sat well.

Okay, here is the finished spider web.  It looks a little uneven to the right of picture.   This may be because I didn't do the catch stitch in exactly the right place.   At least, I have tried to give you an idea to practice with.    Don't forget to look at Google Images or Pinterest to see the other ways of doing this stitch.   Have fun


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hand knitted Beret

Hand knitted Beret

This is one of my knitted creations for sale over at  Putting myself out there girls.   I must be getting sillier as I get older LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Mini Update between Embroidery Stitches

Hi everyone
Just dropping a quick post in between sharing the stitches.  The next stitch is going to be Spider web stitch.  It is going to be a little tricky for me, I think.  Lots of photos of each step to show you because as you can imagine by its name it has lots of twists and turns.

I also wanted to mention that I have finally closed down my Facebook and google+ business pages. I just want to concentrate on my own selfish sewing for the moment and Ofcourse  this little blog.
You may have noticed on the right hand side of my blog that there is a link to my etsy shop.  I don't have much in the store at the moment, but from time to time will be adding new items. I also love my knitting and crochet and thought I would put them on the hand-made website or the made-it website. Not sure which one yet though.  Maybe a couple of items in each.

Anyway, that's it from me for now.  Hope to bring you the spider web stitch in the very near future. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Snail Trail Stitch

Hi all,  I am still trying to get my sewjo back from being away on holiday.   I found my crochet and knitting have taken over for a little while, but that's okay as it is winter here and I always feel like knitting in winter.

Today's stitch is another lovely decorative one.  It is known as snail trail, but quite frankly, looks like a row of little fishies to me.  Whatever it is, it is lovely no matter what it is called.

There are a couple of little tricks to getting this stitch right.   The first one is the most important!   When sewing on your lap, make sure you don't sew your embroidery through to your trousers, as I just did  LOL.
The second is, when making the loops hold them down with your finger to help keep the shape otherwise they can take on a shape of there own   ;)

First things first, come up from under your work.   This time, without rhyme or reason, us lefties are supposed to work from left to right.    So, make a loop and insert needle as shown in the picture on an angle.  You want the bottom of your needle to come up in a straight line with your first insertion point.   Hold the loop lightly with your finger while pulling the thread through to make the loop size and shape you want.

This is how your line of snail trail should look.  I do need a little practice.  It is another I have found to be hard to get consistent sizing in the loops.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Sheaf Stitch

This little stitch is just tooo tooo cute....Reminds me of little tied bundles of hay.   Now I just know I have to add some of these to my crazy patch block as well.    I am sure I have room left on it for some somewhere.    Simply make three small vertical lines to start with.

Next bring your needle up through from the back of the middle stitch and pull through.   Then thread it under the stitch to the right of centre

Okay, then, pull your thread over and in front of the threads to the left thread.  You now place needle behind the stitches and meet up with the point at which your wrapping stitch started. more very pretty and decorative stitch.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Seed Stitch

Hello, I am back from my little hiatus.   This time I am bringing one of the simplest stitches ever.   It is called Seed Stitch and is done quite small. It is basically used as a filler stitch, but you can draw shapes like leaves and flowers and fill them in with seed stitch if you wish and give them an outline.

Once again, I will whine about the fact that the photos are not of best quality.   I went to a lot of trouble altering the exposure sharpness and colouring through the little free photo editing program Ribbet.   I know for a fact that I saved over the original photos.   My silly computer in all its' wisdom has decided to share the unvarnished pictures.   Never mind, you get the drift.   Again, I will come back at a later date and redo the photos.   A little short on time at the moment, having already spent over an hour fiddling around just to write a simple blog post......Until next time....have fun in stitches   :)

The idea is to make two little stitches, one above the other and quite close together.

This should give you the idea.

Then just continue to make as many little combination stitches as required to fill in your open spaces