Saturday, July 30, 2016

On to Colour 4 of the Foxie Stitch Along

I have chosen the colour Sweet Pea from my stash of Cottage Garden Threads.

The leaves under the foxes' snout are done in Stem Stitch - outlines and spine only. Then some backstitches are added to fill them in.
French knots are done this time by looping the thread three times around the needle so as to create a slightly bigger French Knot.
The very tiny leaves in three places around the larger leaves, I did in only a single thread so that they wouldnt look too bulky.

The other two parts to be added in this colour are the leaves on his foreleg and the stem of leaves to the left of the green leaves. The stitches used are a mix of Stem Stitch and Backstitch. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Colorway 3 of the Foxie Stitch Along

This should take you no time at all.   There are only two places to add this colour.

I have chosen Heliotrope from my own stash.

The little floral bits on the foxes hind leg are done in satin stitch and back stitch.   Not much to it at all really, although getting the satin stitch drops nice and even was a little bit of a challenge.  All will be well if you take your time with them though.

The leaves are stem stitch and back stitch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On to Colorway Two

The colour I have chosen for the second colorway is called River Gum from the Cottage Garden Threads range and also one I just had in my stash.

Please excuse the variations of colour in my photos.  Unfortunately I only use my ipad to take the pictures.  I find the consistency in colour, light and exposure very hard for me to do.   I really must get to know my own little camera.  

The stitches used in this colour are stem stitch, back stitch and satin stitch.  All of these stitches are in alphabetical order in my blog.   To find them just click on the little arrows next to the months listed and a drop down menu of posts will appear.

As a reminder though regarding back stitch.  I find I cannot do a decent back stitch in the hoop, so for this stitch, I go hoop less 😉  Also, trending against my lefthanded rule of stitching from right to left,  I find it better to start at the left and work right.

Katie Dawson prefers stab stitching her back stitch using the hoop and doing very tiny stitches. This does look lovely and see her blog for instructions on this.  I prefer the normal way for myself.

Happy Stitching

Friday, July 01, 2016

The Stitching has Begun

All set up and the stitching has begun. 😀

Starting off with three stitches.   Stem Stitch, encroaching stem stitch (or as I would like to call it - slanted Satin Stitch) and French Knots.   You can visit Katie for her videos on these stitches or if you are a lefty, you can follow me. Scroll my blog for them, they are in alphabetical order.

Just a reminder that Stem Stitch for lefties is worked from Right to Left. I also find that the thread naturally lies to the top of your work and that is the way I do it. Right handers - work from left to right and the thread is laying to the bottom of your work.

Satin stitch is worked right to left, and in this case, slant your work as you go. Needle in at the top line and coming back up at the bottom of the line.

I am using of the Cottage Garden variegated threads. I have a number of threads leftover from my Jane Austen Bonnet quilt.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting there. Nearly ready to start stitching

Another productive day getting things ready to join in the stitch along with Katie Dawson.
I have a link to her website in my very first post. An Enticing Stitch Along.

I have prepared my piece using a very fine lawn fabric that I had in my stash. Very pleased I chose this fabric, as it was even easier to trace on, as I didn't even require my light box.

Katie, in one of her video tutorials, shows a nifty idea that I hadn't thought of before. You should actually use masking tape and tape your photocopy onto the back of your fabric. It saves a lot of headaches and stops your fabric from slipping around, light box or not.

I then went on to practice my satin stitching. I have shown a few steps to help you along. Remember that us lefties work from right to left.

After you have finished, if you are not entirely happy with your stitching, a nifty idea that I picked from somewhere or other is to slide your needle under your stitches and wiggle it around carefully until you find your stitches are sitting flatter.  I have only used a very cheap embroidery thread in the demonstration .  Waste not want not I say.  I will be using my gorgeous Cottage Garden Variegated Threads for the project itself.   You can purchase these from Katie's website if you like.

Last thing I need to do tonight is to baste my fine interfacing to my fabric.  Katie suggests you used weaveline and yes I do love using this product and recommend it highly.  It is just that I do not have any left in my stash at the moment so using up what I do have.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Gathering supplies for the Stitch Along

I spent a lovely half hour yesterday afternoon gathering my supplies for the stitch along.
I was lucky enough to have everything in my stash.  😀

 I have photocopied the fox from the Enchanted Forest coloring book.  Katie suggests in her video tutorial that you enlarge 170% but my home photocopier only goes to 140%.  This is quite a nice size for this project for me.  I am thinking that instead of a cushion, I will most likely frame my finished piece.
The next job will be to trace it onto my fabric, using my lovely light box that was a gift from my brother.  If you don't have a light box there are some wonderful new slimline ones on the market or you can take your piece to a window, place them against the windowpane, and trace it that way.

I have a little stitch practice piece set up in my embroidery hoop.   I have drawn the foxes nose lightly in pencil.     As I haven't done satin stitch in awhile I thought this a good idea.  I will show you my steps as I go along.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Most Enticing Stitch Along

I have been so remiss with this little blog and I must slap myself on the hand for that.  Unfortunately, some little life happenings got in the way. I also used this time to finish a lot of my quilting UFO's and spend more time on my knitting and crochet.

I have been inspired though, as I have found a beautiful lady that is doing a wonderful embroidery stitch a long.   Her blog is   I love her idea of turning a gorgeous adult coloring book page into a beautiful embroidery piece.

I am one of those people who have embraced the adult coloring in activity from day one.  I was so excited to stumble upon this as I already had this book by Johanna Basford among my collection of coloring books.  As you will know, if you have been following me that I am a lover of Cottage Garden Threads. These were the beautiful threads that I used in my Jane Austen Bonnet quilt ........
I only have a few of these variegated threads left and I hope to incorporate these into my version of this stitch a long.

Please drop by Katie's page, the link is highlighted above if you are interested and follow along with her. She has some great video tutorials for just about all you require. She is also quite adorable and fun to listen to. Oh, she also has come beautiful colorways displayed.  Just pick the arrangement you like and stock up on those threads.   She sells the whole kit from her blog and also separate bits and pieces that you may need.

 I thought this would also be a good way of showing you the left handed way of doing this project.   Stay tuned, I will be starting very soon.  I hate waste, so I will be using some of my leftover colours from my Jane Austen Bonnet Quilt.  Then purchasing some other threads as needed.   I was so excited to find that I had all my requirements in my craft room.