Monday, April 22, 2013

Basque Stitch

This stitch, I believe, would be best used as a divider or highlighting stitch.   I think it would look great on a crazy patch embroidery and  also covering a join line between two different fabrics.  


I hope these pictures are self explanatory.  The stitch is decidedly tricky and it is important to keep to the correct side of the thread when making the little loops. 
I have changed the colour and thread thickness in order to make the stitch more noticeable. 

 Hints and Tips:  When choosing an embroidery  needle for the job, I like to use the ones that have a golden eye and a reasonably large eye too.  The golden eye makes it easier to see for threading.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arrowhead Stitch

Well, here we go starting at the beginning of the Alphabet.   This little stitch is a cutie.  I am finding it a little tricky though to get the spacing correct.   My pictures will tell the story.  So consequently this one will be getting a wee bit more practice than the other two shared so far.   I would prefer to call it a zig zag stitch because that is what it reminds me of.    Always remember that us lefties work from right to left.

Remember the little lady I was working on last week, well she is finally finished and I am quite happy with the way she turned out. Now on to the next block in the quilt, which is a gorgeous bonnet.
I will share pics of that as I go along too. 

Hints and Tips:
When preparing your fabric piece for embroidery, after you have ironed on the light interfacing, it is a good idea to lightly baste around the edges to stop your work from fraying.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Buttonhole Stitch

This week I have been working on my buttonhole stitch.   I will be sharing photos with you of how us lefties do this stitch. Remember, we work from right to left.

This week's embroidery tip:  Your embroidery thread/floss is usually composed of six strands.  When working with more than one strand (I like to work with two strands together) you should always separate the strands individually and then place them back together ready for use.   When you do this, it stops your strands from twisting too much while using and leaves your finished work looking much nicer.

Now on to sharing some pics.   Once again please excuse the fact that I cannot draw  :)



There are quite a few forms of buttonhole stitch.   I will not be showing you all of them, but the next picture shows you how you can use this particular stitch to make a pretty flower.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Stem Stitch

First thing is to prep up your fabric and place in your hoop.

Stem stitch is a stitch I use often and love, but I still think it needs more perfecting.  For me, I find it is a good idea to start on a scrap piece of fabric and do a few minutes of stitching before actually commencing on my real embroidery piece.  This gets me into the swing of the stitch and hopefully gets my stitches more even.

 In stem stitch, for left handers, we start to the right of our stitching line and work to the left.  You bring your needle up through the fabric, make your first stitch. Next you bring your needle up half way back through and just under your first stitch, then make the stitch the same length as the first, bringing your needle up meeting the end of your first stitch (butting it up as close as you can).

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A little bit more about me

Just a little lead in, before I start posting  my stitch instructions and projects that I am working on.

I love everything craft related and therefore there will be random posts on anything from sewing, crochet, knitting, quilting and just about any other medium that I stumble into that I think worth sharing.

I have my own little business page on Facebook that I have been running for two years now. I make anything sewing related for the home.  I started with cushion covers and have covered a multiple of home d├ęcor articles since then.   I love doing custom orders also and have been asked to turn my hand to a lot of different items.   Two that stand out as a little different were a giant birdcage cover in a wonderful bright quilting weight cotton fabric and the other was a very large vintage fabric tea party cubby that fitting over a big trestle table.   Some of these items can still be viewed through my Pinterest share or on my littlebiz page in the Custom Order/Purchased album. Oh, and there is also a link here to a couple of items I have available through Etsy as well

Now, onto the embroidery project that I am working on at the current time.  It is the beautiful Brenda Ryan ‘Jane Austen’quilt pattern.   I purchased this gorgeous pattern directly from Brenda Ryan herself at one of the large Australian Quilt Conventions I attended.    It has the most lovely embroidery designs that you work on first and then, when finished, borders are added and background fabrics that end up making it a beautiful big quilt.   I intend to use it as a wall hanging when finished.