Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A little bit more about me

Just a little lead in, before I start posting  my stitch instructions and projects that I am working on.

I love everything craft related and therefore there will be random posts on anything from sewing, crochet, knitting, quilting and just about any other medium that I stumble into that I think worth sharing.

I have my own little business page on Facebook that I have been running for two years now. I make anything sewing related for the home.  I started with cushion covers and have covered a multiple of home décor articles since then.   I love doing custom orders also and have been asked to turn my hand to a lot of different items.   Two that stand out as a little different were a giant birdcage cover in a wonderful bright quilting weight cotton fabric and the other was a very large vintage fabric tea party cubby that fitting over a big trestle table.   Some of these items can still be viewed through my Pinterest share or on my littlebiz page in the Custom Order/Purchased album. Oh, and there is also a link here to a couple of items I have available through Etsy as well

Now, onto the embroidery project that I am working on at the current time.  It is the beautiful Brenda Ryan ‘Jane Austen’quilt pattern.   I purchased this gorgeous pattern directly from Brenda Ryan herself at one of the large Australian Quilt Conventions I attended.    It has the most lovely embroidery designs that you work on first and then, when finished, borders are added and background fabrics that end up making it a beautiful big quilt.   I intend to use it as a wall hanging when finished.  

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