Thursday, April 11, 2013

Buttonhole Stitch

This week I have been working on my buttonhole stitch.   I will be sharing photos with you of how us lefties do this stitch. Remember, we work from right to left.

This week's embroidery tip:  Your embroidery thread/floss is usually composed of six strands.  When working with more than one strand (I like to work with two strands together) you should always separate the strands individually and then place them back together ready for use.   When you do this, it stops your strands from twisting too much while using and leaves your finished work looking much nicer.

Now on to sharing some pics.   Once again please excuse the fact that I cannot draw  :)



There are quite a few forms of buttonhole stitch.   I will not be showing you all of them, but the next picture shows you how you can use this particular stitch to make a pretty flower.


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