Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The backstitch for lefthanders is worked from left to right.

The first thing is to bring your thread up from under your fabric at the point where you want your first stitch to finish.   You then take your needle and thread and go back to the left of this and down.  You then bring your needle up at the next place you want your next stitch to finish.

Then you swing your needle back to the left and go down through the fabric right where your first stitch ended. 

Then so on and so on until you have created the  number of  stitches required.  The next picture is not quite as exact as I would like it to be.    The closer you can get your stitches together the better.    Practice makes perfect and clearly I need it with this one.

Hints and Tips of the Week:

Good lighting is essential when doing your embroidery.   If you don't have good daylight or good lighting I think it is worthwhile investing in a natural colour light.   There are several available at Sewing Stores.



  1. I'm doing my first embroidery today I so glad you are showing all the steps :)

  2. Thanks Mel :) Glad to be of help. Enjoy

  3. VickiLorraine I'll have to get my 'leftie' daughter onto this! :)

    1. Embroidery can be very addictive Nanny :)