Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beetle Stitch

This week's featured stitch is the Beetle stitch. It is just a simple little stitch that can be used to make little flower buds, beetle, a bee or little filler stitches.  The finished stitch is slightly raised as it has firstly some underlying straight stitches and then covered by a satin stitch. 

There is actually no need for me to subject you, this time, to my drawing skills (or lack of) as the pictures of the stitch are self explanatory.

The small stitch I have used to enclose the little bud is a lazy daisy stitch.  I have just added a couple of little holding stitches to the sides to keep it in place and then two straight stitches to finish it off.

Hints and Tips for the week:

I strongly advise using an embroidery hoop. It keeps your  fabric taut and  it is easier to then  make well-formed stitches.  The hoop helps keep your tension consistent, helps eliminate puckering or  distortion and also keeps the work cleaner as you won’t be bunching the fabric in your hand  as you stitch.



  1. Thanks VickiLorraine! I love learning new things - I had not heard it called 'Beetle' stitch before!! :)

  2. Thanks, Yickulorraine. That looks like a really useful stitch.

  3. Yes Rose....It is a lovely decorative stitch :) I have a few of them featured on my Brenda Ryan embroideries...I will put up another picture of that when it is finished.