Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bosnian Stitch

This stitch is very straightforward.  Unfortunately, this week I haven't had time to put it into practice.   I will definitely upload my embroidery later in the week for you to see it in real life.
I have been busy with distractions of all kinds in my home life.

Anyway, to do this stitch, you start with diagram A.  Bring your thread up from underneath at 1.  Take your thread down into the fabric on 2 and bring your needle up at 3.
Then keep moving toward the right going upwards in a straight line, following 1,2,3 until you have done a number of straight up and down stitches.
You then start to come back towards the left coming back up at 3 and making all the diagonal stitches until you get back to the start.
Easy Peasy   Enjoy :)

I have also decided to share some Crazy Patchwork instructions for you later in order to prepare a lovely piece on which to place our decorative stitches that we shall be learning.   I will start piecing it together and showing steps for this and then add some decorative stitches as they come up.

Hints and Tips of the Week:  It is a good idea to store your embroidery in a folder or between layers of clean fabric or soft tissue paper.   You may not come back to your work for some time and this will  keep the dust off it.

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