Saturday, May 25, 2013

Further Updates on my Crazy Patch and Jane Austen quilt.

This post is a further update on my Jane Austen quilt blocks. This is my final embroidery block in the quilt, so onwards and upwards we go in putting my quilt together.   If you like, I will show further updates on how to put this quilt together...I hope I don't find it too complicated as it has several diagonal strip piecing to be done and finished larger fabric pieces to make up the larger blocks.

The photo above is an update on my Crazy Patch tutorial.  I have done a lovely green backstitch on one of the joins and then threaded it with a variegated green/mauve pink thread. Just an inward and outward motion going very slowly and trying to hold each little loop in place as you go.   There are many versions of stitching you can vary when threading through your backstitch.  If you actually loop in the opposite direction also, you will create a nice oval stitch when through the backstitch as well.


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    1. Thanks Mel.....looking forward to seeing all the quilting groups Jane Austen quilts together at our exhibition next year.