Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chevron Stitch

This week's stitch is the Chevron Stitch.   I could have done quite a number of variations on last week's Chain stitch, but I think I will leave variations until we are all well under way with the basic stitches.
I actually love this stitch and since Chevrons seem to be all the go in the fabric world at the moment, I think it is very timely.

As you follow the diagram from A through to D, you will see that you bring your thread up at 1, with thread below your stitching you then go into the fabric at 2 and bring your needle up again at 3 (which is centred between 1 and 2). This makes the little horizontal straight line at the base of your stitch.   The thread is then carried up and to the left of stitching, inserted at 4 and needle up again at 5.
This makes your first diagonal line in the pattern.  You then place your needle into the fabric again, slightly to the left of 4, this is counted as no. 6 and then needle out again at 7. That makes the top straight line of the pattern.   You continue in this manner until you have created a length of Chevron stitches that you require in your needlework.


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