Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colonial Knot

The Colonial Knot is one of the embroidery stitches that I found hardest to pick up.  It just would not sink in for some reason.   I right handed friend took the time to sit opposite me in order for me to copy her movements.  I must say, ashamedly, that it took me a good half hour and must have tried her patience dreadfully for she had to repeat the stitch over and over.

This time I must apologise for some of my photos are a little blurry.   That is what comes from working on your stitching late at night and trying to photograph it yourself, while you are holding your stitching.   Anyway, at a later date, I will try to rephotograph the stitch for you.

The first step is to bring your thread up through the fabric.  You then take your needle around and under your thread from the left.
The next step as seen in the next photo is to make a figure eight
with your thread by wrapping it over up and around again.

Next step is to pull thread firm around your needle and at the same time insert this knot down onto the fabric with your needle.

Take your thread all the way through to the back and you should have a lovely little knot on the top of your work.


  1. Thank you VickiLorraine! You have reminded me that I started some candlewicking years ago with a friend - what a great project to dig out and pop in the motorhome!! ;-)

    1. Margie, I love candlewicking. I still have a couple of UFO's put away also.

  2. nice teaching and step by step all is clear...wish you a very good bloggin' dear friend !!


    1. Oh thank you Susanna...And thank you so much for stopping by :) xx