Thursday, June 20, 2013

Further Crazy Patch stitches

Further updates to the Crazy Patch.
Here are some pictures of some stitches I have been practicing and  getting the hang of.   My chevron stitch has improved and I finally achieved a bullion rose that I am happy with.   I hope some of you are following along with your own little crazy patch sampler.

I  decided to add some little beads inside the chain stitch.  I also decided to embellish the little blue flowers by using the bullion stitch.


  1. it's so pretty I've caught the embroidery bug!

    1. Glad to hear it Mel. Would love to see what you make :)

  2. Good on you! I can do a normal stitch and a blanket stitch lol, I'm a sewing machine type of girl, but oneday at a time I will learn the mysterious ways of embroidery and sewing :P Love your cute blog background by the way....did you design it yourself?

  3. Thanks Laura Lee :) As to the cute background, it was an option for a background on tumblr, so I just saved it to my computer and repurposed it here....