Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cretan Stitch

This stitch can be used in so many variations of the original stitch.  It is similar to a fly/feather stitch.   I am afraid this particular stitch feels rather awkward for me, and I can only suggest it is difficult for a lefty like me to master.
There are some wonderful variations, once you get a handle on this stitch.   You can do beautiful closed stitches, weave another colour through them or create the most gorgeous leaves.   But they are a bit beyond me at this point.
So here is the basic stitch, and when and if I master it, I will show you some variations.


  1. These hand stitches look so nice! I hate that i dont take the time to do more. I think it adds so much to a quilt. Thanks for the demo. Will reference these.

    1. Thanks Paula. Your quilts are amazing, I love popping by your blog to see what you have been making.

      I am glad you are finding these stitches helpful :)