Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crown Stitch

Here I was thinking I had finished with the  C's   and I found one more .     Very appropriate for this week really, considering the birth of the Prince of Cambridge.   So, in his honour, I present you with the CROWN STITCH  

Bring your thread up from underneath and swing it to the left. Catch the needle through at two points.  The first level with your thread, making a little arc.  The second point comes up where you would like your first downward stitch to start, in the middle of the other two points.


You then make your first vertical stitch in the centre.

You then bring your needle up slightly to the left of vertical stitch and take your thread down on an angle and insert your needle horizontally at the point where you want your next diagonal stitch to appear.
Your needle is then placed back down just slightly to the right of the middle vertical stitch.

There, you have your completed little Crown Stitch.
Here is a picture of the crown stitches added to my Crazy Patch block.   I think my little block is coming along very nicely.  I am deliberately taking my time with the crazy patch in order to show you some of the stitches that we are learning as we go along.


  1. Loving all these tutorials. I plan to try and learn when i go before maternity leave - that is unless baby decides to arrive early!

    1. That's nice Trishie :) Glad you are getting something out of my blogging ....thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the baby too.