Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mini update....Crazy Patch

Just doing a mini update on my Crazy Patch.

I have just added a lovely gold couching stitch to the little panel.  I had meant to add another with some beading attached to demonstrate that process too, but life has stepped in the way this week.
There will be a new stitch coming this week,  promise :)  
Guess what, we are up to the D's!

I have been so busy with a couple of customer orders and household chores the last two weeks, that I haven't even been able to get back to my Jane Austen.

Anyway here is the picture of the Crazy Patch couching stitch.



  1. Looking good Vicki. I will be looking forward to the new stitch as well.

  2. That looks really pretty. You did a great job!

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