Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fern Stitch

Here is another lovely stitch for the letter F this week.  :)
The beautiful Fern Stitch.   I have decided since my drawing is in no way showing any improvement whatsoever, that I will just show the method of stitching without my ghastly attempts at drawing.  I am sure you will be able to follow without them.

Step One:

Draw thread up from under your work and insert needle to the left of this point.  Then bring the needle back up as close as possible to the beginning point.

Next bring your needle up and on a slight diagonal down and up again at the original point.

Then bring your needle up again on the slight diagonal from under the first stitch and down and up again in line with the first straight stitch.

As you can see from this next picture, you have now created another almost straight line stitch and then follow the same method for the diagonal stitches that form the fronds coming from the stem.

Continue in this method until you have the desired length Fern created.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More bloggings about Jane Austen's Bonnet

 Well, four more down and only four more to go.   I must say that I have not enjoyed piecing these blocks together at all.   The angles and spacing have given me so much grief.  But don't let that put anyone else off doing this quilt.  I am sure others will not struggle with it as much as I have.   Patience and perseverance will prevail.  I am determined to get to the end of this and hopefully be rewarded with a beautiful wall quilt once finished.  I hope you enjoy seeing my progress   :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Feather Stitch

This week's stitch is the lovely Feather Stitch. It is a gentle stitch that is performed by swaying your thread left to right and moving the positioning left to right as well.

The picture below is a little scissor keeper I made some time ago in a beautiful linen.  The emerald green thread is the Feather stitch.  The other couple of stitches are a mix of stem stitch and lazy daisy for the leaves. The hollyhocks were my first attempt at ribbon embroidery.

Just for something different, I thought I would add in to this blog post the update on Ermine Stitch.    I wanted to show you how the ermine stitch looks like little stars.   This is the Crazy Patch block that I have been slowly working on.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Ermine Stitch

This is a lovely decorative stitch that is a filler stitch.   I prefer to think of them as little stars.   They are supposed to look like elongated cross stitches.  This can be a little tricky to get them all looking the same, but don't worry too much if they don't look all the same (no two stars look alike right?)  :)
The steps to make are as follows.   You come up at 1 and down at 2 in order to make a little vertical stitch.

The next step is to come up at 3 and across horizontally to 4 and directly insert the needle across to point 5.

The final step is to go down at point 6, making the second little horizontal line to form the elongated cross stitch.

 The Final look