Friday, August 02, 2013

Ermine Stitch

This is a lovely decorative stitch that is a filler stitch.   I prefer to think of them as little stars.   They are supposed to look like elongated cross stitches.  This can be a little tricky to get them all looking the same, but don't worry too much if they don't look all the same (no two stars look alike right?)  :)
The steps to make are as follows.   You come up at 1 and down at 2 in order to make a little vertical stitch.

The next step is to come up at 3 and across horizontally to 4 and directly insert the needle across to point 5.

The final step is to go down at point 6, making the second little horizontal line to form the elongated cross stitch.

 The Final look   


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    1. Thanks for stopping by once more Mel. It is lovely and I will be sharing my little crazy patch block soon with little ermine stars on it too. :)