Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fishbone Stitch

This stitch is known as the Fishbone stitch. 

The first thing you need to do is draw a picture of your leaf shape.  I just used a very light grey lead.
First insert your thread slightly down from the top of the leaf on the middle line.  Then bring it back down at the top.   All of the following stitches are done on an angle either right of this or left.

You then bring your thread up to the right and top line of your leaf pattern, down again just below your vertical stitch and then up to the left of this stitch.

Continue in this way swinging from right to left to form your side stitches.

Gradually you will fill in all the leaf with vertical lines.

Your leaf should end up looking something like this.
This is called an open fishbone stitch.    I think it looks nice this way if you are trying to get a bit of a palm leaf look

Or you could do the stitches very close together to form and almost satin stitch, completely filled in leaf.


  1. Hope this finds you Vicki. I said in the last one that you have made me remember how much I used to enjoy embroidering, to the point where I think I will pick it up again.

    1. Thanks to hear I can create a little inspiration in others :)