Saturday, November 02, 2013

Herringbone Stitch

This next stitch is the Herringbone stitch.   Remember, us lefties
work our stitches from right to left  :)      Now if you follow my steps as in the photos, you bring your thread up from underneath, move to the left and up to where you want the top of the next stitch to be.  Insert needle from left to right as in this photo.
Pull your needle through and then take your needle and thread down to the left and insert left to right even with the base of the first stitch.
Once you have done a few stitches as evenly as possible (which in my case was not easy) you will have created a nice little herringbone pattern as in the next photo.

The next couple of photos will show you how I have added the herringbone stitch to our little crazy patch block.  I have also added a contrasting vertical stitch just to add another bit of interest to the stitch.


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