Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holbein Stitch

 Hello one and all.   Well, today, I was going to introduce you to the Holbein stitch..but alas, the work I put into the stitch last night and the photos I took of said work ended up looking absolutely atrocious.   So, consequently, I am starting the post on this stitch without the pictures.   I didn't want to let you think I had forgotten to blog this week.
I will try my hardest to do a much better job on the stitches and pictures tonight and upload them for you tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, I have decided to add a little tutorial this week also on Darning (with your sewing machine).   I don't know about you, but I have a favourite pair of pyjamas.   They have been worn to death...I Love my flannel pjs.   Anyway, the fabric under the buttons has decided to fray.  I thought it an ideal opportunity to show how easily these sorts of problems can be mended with your sewing machine.   My Janome 4800 has a darning stitch.  So I thought I would bring you a little photo tutorial with this machine.

So, I hope you will look forward to both of the posts over the next week   :)

xxx   Vicki

Okay...so here are the added pictures of the Holbein Stitch. 
|First, add a small pencil drawing to your work.

This particular stitch we work from left to right.  Start at the end of your first horizontal line and make the first vertical stitch.

Continue with the vertical lines in the pattern working to the right.


Now work the horizontal lines back towards the left.

And voila, the finished pattern.    You can make as many repeats of these as you like to fill in your stitched piece and you can make them as big or small as you like.


  1. oh that's cool, upside down it could be little buildings.

    1. So true Mel...they would make great little buildings