Monday, November 25, 2013

Lazy Daisy Stitch

 I have been so waiting to get up to this lovely stitch to share with you.....I think I am nearly half way through the Alphabet.
The Lazy Daisy stitch is so simple and yet so effective and versatile.  You can use it to make flowers, leaves, adornments to just about any line of stitching you use.

There are not many steps to making your stitch.  First bring your needle through from the back of your work, then make a small loop with your thread and insert needle down and up so that it catches your loop with it. 

Then push your needle just down the other side of the top of your loop and voila you have your first little leaf/petal shape.

Continue around to the left in order to make your next loop.

I have made just a four shaped flower, but daisies tend to look much better with five loops.
I then added a little French knot in the centre to finish it off.

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