Saturday, December 14, 2013

Something Christmassy

Hi there.  Sorry I haven't brought you a weekly new stitch but I have been very busy making Christmas cards, sewing and also finishing off my handmade Christmas wreath

I would like to share with you a couple of photos.  It isn't really a tutorial, as such, but any sewists out there would be able to work it out quite easily with just a couple of my photos to go by.

First thing, buy yourself a polyfoam wreath.  I bought mine from Riot and Craft here in Australia, but I am sure you could find one at any Spotlight or craft store in your country.

The idea here was to use up all my old Christmas fabrics from past years that I no longer wanted to use in any of my quilting projects.
I had 60 cm of this fabric in my stash.   I ripped it into 2 1/2 " strips and then began from the back of the wreath, glueing and wrapping, glueing and wrapping.  Slightly overlap each wrap of the fabric.

Next thing is to make lots and lots of fabric yo yos...I made 20 large and 20 small yo yos to place on this wreath.  Once again, lots of old fabrics from my stash.   I also purchased some very long pins.  And it is as simple as that.  Just overlap and pin through the centre of each double yo yo.  And Voila, one finished Christmas Wreath.   Oh and do remember to tie a pretty ribbon on it or string so that you can hang it on your front door.


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Long and short stitch

Long and Short stitch is perfect for when you need to fill in, say, large petals on a rose, carnation etc.    The idea is to fill it in with long and short stitches instead of just very long satin stitches because that can end up looking very messy.

Just to give you an idea, I have drawn a little outline.  Now technically, because we are lefties, we are supposed to work from right to left.  After trying this though, I found it very uncomfortable for me.  Therefore, I have worked this Left to Right.
The first stitch on the left needs to be a long stitch followed by a short stitch.  Come up from underneath your work, back down at the top line of stitching and then up again, very close to your first stitch, but this time making a short stitch.


Continue working to your right, alternating long and short stitches.


Once you have completed the first line, you start inserting stitches of the same length underneath the short stitches only.  I have done this line in a slightly different shade of green so that you can see what I mean.

Continue in this way until your shape is completely filled.   After the first couple of lines, it may look nicer to make stitches different lengths so that it doesn't get a bit of a rigid look to it.
I am endeavouring to perfect this stitch myself, as I have found that my finished leaves/petals leave alot to be desired.  Once I finally develop one I am happy with, I will post an extra picture in this post for you.   In the meantime, feel free to google away images for long and short stitch.   Although I have found pictures classed as 'free' images, I am yet to believe that is so and do not wish to step on anyones toes by posting a perfect picture of someone else's work here for you to view...   Have fun searching...there a lots of beautiful images out there and also pinterest is a wonderful source of images as well.