Monday, January 20, 2014

Maidenhair Fern Stitch

Welcome back to my first post for the New Year.  Let's hope that 2014 will be kind to us all :)

The Maidenhair fern stitch I found rather awkward being a left hander and for some reason it is worked left to right instead of the way we are supposed to work.   I haven't tried it from the other direction yet, but if you find that easier, I say go for it and break the rules.   Whatever works for you.

I haven't numbered the stitch movements this time, but I think the photos are pretty self explanatory.   First you come up from under your work, create a loop with your thread over towards the right. Insert your needle as in the picture below. Gently pull your thread through trying to give the loop a bit of a curl to it rather than pulled tightly through.

As in the next photo follow the steps to make the next loop.  The idea here is to insert the needle parallel to the bottom of and to the right of the first loop stitch.

The next step is to make another loop to the right.  As you can see the stitches end up looking larger than the one before because you are working down and then taking the loop parallel and even with the finish of the other two stitches.

Now that the three stitches have been worked, the next step is to swing back in the opposite direction.

Again, following the same pattern as you did with the first three stitches.  Making sure the stitches all end up looking bigger than the one before by working down and then across and parallel to the other stitches.

Okay, now start to swing back the other way again.   :)

And Voila....A lovely fern looking stitch has been created...very decorative.  You can ofcourse make this pattern look as small or big as your piece of work allows

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