Monday, March 31, 2014

Palestrina Knot

The Palestrina Knot  is a lovely knot stitch.  My stitch instructions have been done in a two thread but I think it would look much nicer in a three thread.  It will make a great accent stitch on my crazy patch block.  I will try my best to update during the week with the stitch added to said block.

So on with the photograph tutorial.

First things first, bring your thread up from underneath your work and make half a cross stitch.  Bring your needle up from underneath again just below where you placed the top of your half stitch.

Wrap the thread over and under the stitch around and through that stitch again just above the other.  Place the needle over the thread and pull through. This should make your first knot.

Then go on redoing the same process, working to the left until you have done the desired amount of knots.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Little Hiatus

I apologise if you have been following along with my stitch posts and such, but there may be a little break in reception for a couple of weeks. 

I have had a little rush on my orders for a crochet cloche hat that will be keeping my fingers busy. 

Transmission will resume as soon as possible. LOL... ;)


Monday, March 03, 2014

Oyster Stitch

This little stitch is a little tricky but, after looking up a few finished projects on Pinterest, I think it will be one that I will have to master.    Using different weight threads or even wool thread it can make the loviest results.

So let's start.  Come up from behind your work, make a loop with your thread, go down just to the right of the first point and bring the needle back up through the loop.   This is actually how you make a twisted chain stitch.

Your thread will now be on top of your work and hooked through the bottom of the twisted stitch.  You then insert your needle up and under the point at which you started your stitch.

Next pull your thread through, making another loop to the left of the twisted chain stitch.

Then slowly wrap the thread right around clockwise.  Put your needle down into your work at the base of this stitch and back up, catching the base of this second loop and anchoring it with a tiny stitch.   This is like making a lazy daisy stitch around your twisted chain stitch.

I promise to work on a little project I found on Pinterest to show you what a delightful creation you can make by simply using this stitch alone.