Friday, April 11, 2014

Pistil Stitch

This little stitch is just so easy and looks so effective.   I will definitely be adding some of these to my Crazy Patch block later.

The first step is to come up from underneath your work.  Pull your thread up and to the right.  Wrap your thread around your needle twice, leaving a little length near base to make a long thread stitch.  This will become obvious in the next couple of pictures.

Pull thread taught, which makes the loops into a small knot on the end and push needle through to the back.

This is how the finished little stitch will look.   You then bring your thread back up at the same point as the first stitch.   That is if you want to continue to make little Pistil Stitches as a grouping.

This is how they look in a little grouping.   You can do them like this or have them as individual stitches.   Both will look very decorative.


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