Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday. WIP around and Triangle Quilt Along Link Up

Well it is that time of the week again to link up with The Little White Dove.   I can excitedly say that this link up has really made me prioritise my own personal sewing.  I have all but finished the triangle quilt that I first posted about when I started linking up and here is the progress to date.
The only thing left to do, is to hand sew down the binding.  It is just pinned down at this point, but that will only take me a couple of nights while watching television.

I decided to back it with a great piece of vintage sheeting that I purchased.  I actually love red and green together and the triangular pattern I thought was just such a suitable match.    I call this my $15 quilt.   The fabric I won from another gorgeous blogger over in the US. The batting was going out for $6.50 (polyester) at a closing down sale of a fabric store in the city. The vintage sheeting I purchased $8.50 from an online Facebook shop.    BARGAIN.   Just as a heads up though, I won't use polyester in my quilts ever again. It was a very uneven surface for pinning and quilting and the finished quilt has no real warmth to it.   Wool batting for me all the way from now on.

Incidentally, I don't know why the photo of the front of the quilt turned out so washed out.  If you want the true colour just go back to my last post about it.  The photo was perfect from my Ipad but when transferring it to my main computer it changed colour.   Never mind.   It even looks correct when I shared it on Flickr.  

Here it is, a completely finished quilt. Just a nice close up to try and give you a true picture of the fabric colours.

Little White Dove
The Sassy Quilter

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Satin Stitch

Wow, three posts in one week. Who would have thought, I must be feeling inspired. Anyway, this one is about Satin stitch.   Now this stitch, I think is easy to do in theory. Just placing one stitch next to the other on an angle, very closely.  The thing is, it is very tricky to get your tension even.  So, for this post I have done pretty well, but could definately do much much better.

First, I drew a little leaf shape.  Of course, on your own work, please don't copy me and use pen.  It was the only thing I had on hand at the time. A HB pencil, pressing lightly, is the best.

Continue placing your stitches close together and on an angle until you have completely filled in your stitch.



A Finished WIP. Gorgeous Carpet Bag

Well, I must say, I am so thrilled how my new  handbag has turned out. There is over seven hours work in this one.  The most time was taken while doing the quilting of the outside fabric and the lining with the added zip pocket and open pockets with room for phone, lipstick and keys etc.  You also need to make a casing in which to hold the base board.  The easiest part, believe it or not, was adding the casing in which to thread the metal magnetic handle.

I can certainly say, this is my selfish sewing project.

I was asked by a lady in one of the quilting groups online just what the measurements are.  They are approx. 14"wide x 11"high and 5"deep.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday again already

Gosh, the last week has flown by.  I do so promise that there will be another embroidery stitch this week :).

Today though, I wanted to share with you a wonderful bag that I am working on.  My quilting group held a fun bag making workshop.  Just a few pictures to share with you of the work in progress.  At this stage, I only have the outer shell finished to show you as I am trying to get this blog post finished to link up with the lovely Little White Dove blog again. My darn computer is not being very responsive tonight, so I don't have the other three photos to share at this time.   I will add them and update this post tomorrow, once my computer is cooperative again.  Here's hoping. 

This bag is going to turn into an amazing Carpet Bag style with a long metal magnetic closure.   I  hope to be able to do much more sewing on this project tomorrow, also.

You will just have to be satisfied with this one picture for today.


These are the fabulous magnetic handles.  They will be covered in plain black fabric.

I have chosen a vertical stripe for the full lining.  There will be a zip pocket and pocket slots for phone, keys, liptick etc.

This is a fabulous piece of board sold as board base for bags.  This will give the bag true body and shape.

I will also be adding bag feet.  First I need a visit to Spotlight for those, but I can always add them in before I close up the seam opening in the lining.

Little White Dove

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday (work in progress)

Hello again everyone.  There is a new little button up the top right on my side bar.  Little White Dove is doing a work in progress links party and I have decided to join in. This, I hope will encourage me to get my three quilts finished.  The first one I will be sharing is the TQA.  Now that my backing fabric has arrived, I really want to get this one finished

A post or two back, I shared with you the Triangle Quilt Along I was doing with the lovely Sassy Quilter.   I did not make the finished deadline, so this is why I am sharing it over on the WIP Wednesday with Little White Dove.

I have added my two borders.  I decided on a 1 3/4" white border and then cut up all the bits of fabric I had left to sizes between 2 and 2 1/2 " as the next border.   I am quite happy with it so far.
I have bin basted it ready for quilting.  I think it needs a little more straightening out and a few more basting pins before I take it to my sewing machine.   I have not quite decided what quilting pattern I shall use.  I may just stitch in the ditch and 1/4" inside the triangles or I may challenge myself with circles or waves....the jury is still out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Running Stitch - Whipped

Ladies, this is such a simple stitch that it hardly needs any description.  I think the pictures will almost speak for themselves.  Just about anyone who embroiders or sews will know what a running stitch looks like.   The whipped part of the stitch is just a little addition to embellish the running stitch.

Naturally, working from left to right with this one for us lefties :)

You can either use the same colour thread or a contrast one as I have used to embellish your running stitch.   Just weave your thread in and out as in the photographs.

In order to make the stitch look different you can space the running stitches as close or as far apart as you like. 


Thursday, May 01, 2014

Rosette Stitch

This next stitch is just so sweet.  It is called a Rosette Stitch.  Before we go on with this, though, I promised I would show you my crazy patch block with some Pistil stitch added. The Pistil stitches have been done in a cream thread and I tried to make them look like dandelions.  I have also added a little pearl beading in the shape of my first initial, just catching it down in a few spots with a small stitch.

I only have one more corner of this block that I want to add a little something too. At this stage, I have not decided what stitch or ribbon it will be.  I will save that last addition as a surprise, once I have actually turned my block into something pretty and useful.  

The Rosette Stitch has very basic and simple instructions to follow.
First come up from underneath your work, keeping your thread to the left of the needle, you insert the needle in and up in a vertical line.  You then start wrapping your thread around in a clockwise direction, three or four times for the desired effect.

Try to keep your thread smooth and a little circular or oval. 

Whilst holding your wrapped threads down softly, take your needle all the way through and and out.  Catch the thread down with a small tack stitch at the top and then another on the opposite end.
Voila, your first little rosette stitch.   I may add a couple of these to my crazy patch block somewhere also.