Thursday, May 01, 2014

Rosette Stitch

This next stitch is just so sweet.  It is called a Rosette Stitch.  Before we go on with this, though, I promised I would show you my crazy patch block with some Pistil stitch added. The Pistil stitches have been done in a cream thread and I tried to make them look like dandelions.  I have also added a little pearl beading in the shape of my first initial, just catching it down in a few spots with a small stitch.

I only have one more corner of this block that I want to add a little something too. At this stage, I have not decided what stitch or ribbon it will be.  I will save that last addition as a surprise, once I have actually turned my block into something pretty and useful.  

The Rosette Stitch has very basic and simple instructions to follow.
First come up from underneath your work, keeping your thread to the left of the needle, you insert the needle in and up in a vertical line.  You then start wrapping your thread around in a clockwise direction, three or four times for the desired effect.

Try to keep your thread smooth and a little circular or oval. 

Whilst holding your wrapped threads down softly, take your needle all the way through and and out.  Catch the thread down with a small tack stitch at the top and then another on the opposite end.
Voila, your first little rosette stitch.   I may add a couple of these to my crazy patch block somewhere also.


  1. I love love love your Crazy Patch! All these neat stitches intricate. A treasure. I have to say this is a favorite so far...

    1. Thanks Paula. It makes my day when a wonderful quilter like you stops by and appreciates something I have created xx