Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday again already

Gosh, the last week has flown by.  I do so promise that there will be another embroidery stitch this week :).

Today though, I wanted to share with you a wonderful bag that I am working on.  My quilting group held a fun bag making workshop.  Just a few pictures to share with you of the work in progress.  At this stage, I only have the outer shell finished to show you as I am trying to get this blog post finished to link up with the lovely Little White Dove blog again. My darn computer is not being very responsive tonight, so I don't have the other three photos to share at this time.   I will add them and update this post tomorrow, once my computer is cooperative again.  Here's hoping. 

This bag is going to turn into an amazing Carpet Bag style with a long metal magnetic closure.   I  hope to be able to do much more sewing on this project tomorrow, also.

You will just have to be satisfied with this one picture for today.


These are the fabulous magnetic handles.  They will be covered in plain black fabric.

I have chosen a vertical stripe for the full lining.  There will be a zip pocket and pocket slots for phone, keys, liptick etc.

This is a fabulous piece of board sold as board base for bags.  This will give the bag true body and shape.

I will also be adding bag feet.  First I need a visit to Spotlight for those, but I can always add them in before I close up the seam opening in the lining.

Little White Dove


  1. Beautiful! I'm laughing though you quilters must all be on a bag kick, mums pumping them out too. We are calling her the bag lady ;)

    1. I think your mum wins the race for the quilting group bag lady, Mel. LOL. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Amy. My very next blog post is about the finished bag....