Sunday, June 01, 2014

Scroll Stitch and A little Hiatus

Now this stitch would have to be one of the line stitches that I am loving the most, at the moment.   Yet another that is a little tricky to indeed get the tension correct, but with a little practice, you will be happy with the result. 

I think it is so pretty that I am going to add some lines to my Crazy Patch block.

First things first, come up from under your work, and working towards the left for us lefties, proceed to make a small loop as shown in the photo.  You then place your needle on an angle in the centre of the loop and while holding the loop in place, gently pull your thread closed to make a little knot.

The trick ofcourse is to keep making these knots in a row as evenly as possible.

Voila!   I Love It!  


  1. That is a lovely stitch VickiLorraine! Oh and I am so envious - not really - you have a wonderful adventure holiday and think of us some time! <3

    1. Thanks Margie...yes I hope I don't get lost. It so lovely of you to visit my little blog thank you .;)