Friday, July 11, 2014

Seed Stitch

Hello, I am back from my little hiatus.   This time I am bringing one of the simplest stitches ever.   It is called Seed Stitch and is done quite small. It is basically used as a filler stitch, but you can draw shapes like leaves and flowers and fill them in with seed stitch if you wish and give them an outline.

Once again, I will whine about the fact that the photos are not of best quality.   I went to a lot of trouble altering the exposure sharpness and colouring through the little free photo editing program Ribbet.   I know for a fact that I saved over the original photos.   My silly computer in all its' wisdom has decided to share the unvarnished pictures.   Never mind, you get the drift.   Again, I will come back at a later date and redo the photos.   A little short on time at the moment, having already spent over an hour fiddling around just to write a simple blog post......Until next time....have fun in stitches   :)

The idea is to make two little stitches, one above the other and quite close together.

This should give you the idea.

Then just continue to make as many little combination stitches as required to fill in your open spaces


  1. Oh no, I know how long it can take and how much effort it may require to edit photos. Poor you! If it is your computer, obviously, no suggestions but if it is the editing program that you are using, I suggest another simple-to-use free program which I often use for my collages or watermarking. It is called picmonkey. Welcome back by the way :-)

    1. Thanks Mrs. L. The computer and photography sometimes take far more than the actual stitching and blogging part :)