Tuesday, September 30, 2014

String of Pearls Stitch

This is such a lovely stitch.   It is just like coral stitch with a little extra add on.

I hope my instructions for this one make sense as it is a little hard to show you all the steps.   When I am trying to sew, hold the thread in place to get the knot AND take the photo, I really needed three hands.   Consequently a couple of pictures could not be taken ;)

So, first things first, bring your thread up from under your work and working to the right (for us lefties) insert your needle down and up again with your thread position over to the right.  Then hook it around and under the needle. Holding the thread down taught on the right, gently pull it with needle thread to make a little knot.


The next picture shows where the little knot sits.  Then bring your needle around again to the right and swing back and under the thread to left of knot.  Do not catch the needle into the fabric, but simply pass it up and under and around to the right again.  You are going to form another little circle around the knot.

Now this is where the picture is missing. Once you complete the above instructions, you then must catch your needle into the fabric, making a very small catch under the little double knot, horizontally.
Once you pull this through to the right you will have a nicely finished stitch held in place out of sight.

Continue in this way, working to the right until you have done your desired number of little pearls.   Voila, a string of pearls stitch

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stem Stitch - Whipped

I brought you the stem stitch details as one of my very first blog posts, as it is one of the most used embroidery stitches.

The whipped stitch can be done in the same colour or a contrasting colour depending on the look you are trying to get.

Just thread your top stitch over and under each one of the stem stitches that you have made

So, first things first, you do your line of stem stitch.

You then get your contrasting thread or same colour thread, whichever you prefer.   Starting from right and working to left, thread under and over each of the stem stitches until you have finished your row.

Voila, one finished stem stitch, whipped.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Final Big Reveal of my version of the Jane Austen Bonnet quilt

Well, I am so happy to reveal my finished quilt.   It has taken me a couple of years to get this one all together.   The first year, I only worked on the embroidery blocks.  I then put them aside to continue on with my poor long suffering William Morris quilt. Alas, that one is still in the works but hope to have that completed by the end of the year.

Unfortunately. I could only climb a ladder high enough to get the quilt into the photo, taken on the angle.   Then there is a photo of a couple of the blocks close up.   I also wanted to share the little quilting pattern with you.  It is quite hard to see so I have posted the template picture for you to view.  There are twelve patterns in all placed between some of the embroideries. The rest of the quilt I just machine quilted in the ditch.  Now just to find a spare wall in the house to hang it.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Star stitch

The star stitch is another quick and easy stitch that is generally used as a filling stitch.

First thing is to make a small cross.   One small stitch vertical and another horizontal

You follow this up by making an X  stitch over the top.

The final two stitches are a smaller X formed over the top of the other .
 This creates a nice little star.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Fabulous Discovery - A left handed embroiders book

Well, I just have to share with you all that I have just made a fabulous discovery.  This was shared with me by a terrific quilting friend of mine.

There is a wonderful instruction book for Left-handed embroiderers!    Who knew, certainly not me.  I could not wait to get my hands on it. It is written by a lovely lady by the name of     Yvette Stanton  and is called     The Left handed Embroiders Companion      I have put a link up there on the right to where to purchase on Amazon.

I asked Yvette's permission to mention her beautiful book on my blog and she was only too delighted for me to share.   As I said to her, since I started this blog just mirror imaging the right handed way, I would continue to do so.   After all, I am nearly right through the alphabet.  I did not want her to think for one moment that I was copying her.    You must visit her blog though and definitely purchase the book.  It has a number of the stitches I have already shared with you and many many more that I had never even heard of.

It has marvellous hand drawn instructions,  photographs of the completed stitches and also some lovely pictures  of finished pieces.    It is a softcover book in beautiful colour.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Split Stitch

The split stitch is just so easy. Looks better using an even number of threads 2,4 or even 6.  Then just insert the needle in through the middle of the threads as you work from right to left. Just a nice little decorative stitch that looks a little like a chain when completed.