Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Once More

Hello all.

Well it is that time of year again when I take a mini break from blogging my embroidery stitches and quilting shenanigans.

Just thought I would leave you with pictures of a couple of my little Christmas creations.   Mind you, these were not made This Christmas as I have been a bit behind in all things craft related what with one thing and another.

I will be back next year to finish off the alphabetical embroidery stitches.   As you may be aware, we are already up to W.   There are a couple more stitches that I can bring you starting with this letter.   There is one however, that is way too complicated for this little old chook to perfect.  I will just leave that one to the experts.

The first photo is of my gorgeous Heartwood Creek Santa by Jim Shore, that I absolutely adore.   Sitting beside him is the sixty point diamond pieced star that I made in a workshop with my quilting group.

These lovely little cross stitch hangers came in kit form and I actually sold quite a few of these via my facebook page   Vicki Lorraine.   Unfortunately, I have unpublished my page for the time being.   There don't seem to be enough hours in my day, at the moment, to keep adding creations to my shop.

These little cone shaped Christmas trees caught my eye.   They were very easy to make.   I found them somewhere on a free pattern site through doing a Google search.   Fun to use up some of your less than favourite Christmas fabrics that may have been sitting in your stash for way too long.

Last of all, my three little Christmas mice.  They look so cute standing of laying down with their little noses hanging over the cupboard top.

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for following along with my little Lefthanded Embroidery blog.



  1. LOVE the sixty point diamond pieced star!!! Looks like there are little beads on each of the points - just beautiful. Merry Christmas, Vicky.

    1. Thanks Pam for stopping by. Yes, I loved making the star. The little beads have small pins through them that have a little glue on them to help them stay in place. Merry Christmas :)