Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On to Colorway Two

The colour I have chosen for the second colorway is called River Gum from the Cottage Garden Threads range and also one I just had in my stash.

Please excuse the variations of colour in my photos.  Unfortunately I only use my ipad to take the pictures.  I find the consistency in colour, light and exposure very hard for me to do.   I really must get to know my own little camera.  

The stitches used in this colour are stem stitch, back stitch and satin stitch.  All of these stitches are in alphabetical order in my blog.   To find them just click on the little arrows next to the months listed and a drop down menu of posts will appear.

As a reminder though regarding back stitch.  I find I cannot do a decent back stitch in the hoop, so for this stitch, I go hoop less 😉  Also, trending against my lefthanded rule of stitching from right to left,  I find it better to start at the left and work right.

Katie Dawson prefers stab stitching her back stitch using the hoop and doing very tiny stitches. This does look lovely and see her blog for instructions on this.  I prefer the normal way for myself.

Happy Stitching


  1. I am loving this, maybe the reason I have trouble with backstitch is also with the hoop. I'll have to try without. Can't wait to see this one finished.

    1. Thanks Wendy.....worth a try. Now just to encourage you to get back into blogging as well 😊