Friday, July 01, 2016

The Stitching has Begun

All set up and the stitching has begun. 😀

Starting off with three stitches.   Stem Stitch, encroaching stem stitch (or as I would like to call it - slanted Satin Stitch) and French Knots.   You can visit Katie for her videos on these stitches or if you are a lefty, you can follow me. Scroll my blog for them, they are in alphabetical order.

Just a reminder that Stem Stitch for lefties is worked from Right to Left. I also find that the thread naturally lies to the top of your work and that is the way I do it. Right handers - work from left to right and the thread is laying to the bottom of your work.

Satin stitch is worked right to left, and in this case, slant your work as you go. Needle in at the top line and coming back up at the bottom of the line.

I am using of the Cottage Garden variegated threads. I have a number of threads leftover from my Jane Austen Bonnet quilt.  

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