Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colourway 5 Foxie Stitch Along

Hooray,   we are finally on to Colorway 5 in the foxie stitchalong with Katie Dawson.   You can find a link to her site in the very first stitchalong a few posts back.

For this one, I have chosen the Cottage Garden Thread called Dog Rose.   

There are three places to add this Colorway.   This one is done in stem stitch only.

This next spot is done in Chain Stitch with a few french knots and some satin stitch in the middle of the leaves.

The last leaf is completely done in chain stitch.  If you skim down the side of my blog and click open the months by using the little arrows, you will find that the stitches are there in a drop down menu.    Since my stitches are done in alphabetical order, I advise you to open a few of the earliest months started on my blog.

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